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@#!$%! mice in my headliner

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  • @#!$%! mice in my headliner

    When checking on my car today I was surprised to find orange dust all over the front seats and center console - looked up to discover mice have been nesting in the headliner. They've chewed a hole in the sunroof panel fabric and there are several bulges in the main headliner where I can feel nesting material and acorns behind the cloth.

    Fortunately, they haven't chewed any holes in the main headliner so it doesn't need to be replaced but I will have to clean behind it. After I go shock-and-awe on these fuckers, is there any way to pull the main headliner down just enough to get a vacuum in there?

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    This won't end well. The face fabric is bonded to a backing fabric. Over time the two fabrics part company and that is when you get sags.

    The mice may have eaten the backing fabric.

    You can remove the headlining but it requires removing the sunroof mechanism (where fitted), remove the door seals and quarter lights. The head lining is glued along the seams of the door and quarter lights and you need to peel the liner from the glue, and this will result in the face seperating from the backer. Once you have dropped the headlining most of the face will be seperated and attempts to refit will be futile.

    No, there is no replacements material available.

    It is an epic PITA.
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      Originally posted by stevesingo View Post
      It is an epic PITA.
      i replaced my own headliner in 2017.

      Worst job I have ever done.

      Never, ever again.


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        What a right royal PITA really rips your shorts this happening, I will remember to close my sunroof when parked up over winter months.

        A quick search turned up this company advertising headlining for our car, not sure how good it is.

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          I was afraid this was the feedback I'd get.

          The main headliner is still ok. I may be able to live with the nesting material above it since there seems to be no way to sneak a vacuum implement in there. Anyone know if the sunroof fabric panels are still available?

          My sunroof was closed. The car was on jack stands, windows/roof closed, hood open. I had moth balls placed around the car, in the engine bay, and in the interior. - Thanks for the link.