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Asahi Kiko First Race Video

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  • Asahi Kiko First Race Video

    I just posted the video from last weekend's race at Laguna Seca. 'Like,' 'Subscribe,' or leave a comment.

    Thanks for watching!
    1976 Luigi BMW CSL
    1991 Asahi Kiko E30 M3
    1970 Koepchen 2002
    1968 Hyde Park 2002TA
    1965 TiSA #193
    1960 700 Vintage Racer
    1965 1800Ti Vintage Racer
    1971 NSU 1200 TTS

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    wow 1.40 vs 1.49 in the 2002. 2002 looked good. Those GT3 are an amazing piece of kit. Good job.


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      Great video! Your cars are beautiful.

      The sound restrictions at Laguna are so ridiculous. The times I have been there they enforce a 90db sound limit. I have to leave it in 4th and just lug it by the booth at about 2500 RPM....which is murder with a low torque engine like the S14. If I go by there full throttle, I instantly get black flagged, more due to intake sound than exhaust sound. Some completely stock cars cannot make a 90db limit.

      The politics of it are infuriating. The racetrack has been there since the 1950s. A few years back a bunch of wealthy people decided to build homes close to the track, then started complaining about the noise. Being rich people, of course the county reacted and enacted ever more demanding noise limits. But you probably know all that....

      Your E30 time is impressive....but the 2002 time even more so. I would not have guessed a 2002 could lap that fast at Laguna.