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Help: Need to confirm TPS wiring and connector on harness

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  • Help: Need to confirm TPS wiring and connector on harness

    After years in the making, I'm currently trying to run the harness on an S14 but am coming up short on 3 pin connectors. I'm guessing that the 3 pin that I may have mistakenly plugged into the ICV may go to the TPS, but then I don't have one for the ICV. The ICV shows to be a 2 pin connector on, but this harness may not be from an e30 m3. It was purchased years ago and can't remember at this point what it was represented as. I haven't been able to find the throttle position sensor wiring yet in the ETM, but am still looking. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. If the 3 pin that is plugged into the ICV is the right one, what colored wires should I be looking for?

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    ETM for a '90; TPS on page 1364-1, looks to be a violet, an "LL" and another.

    Idle control valve, pp 1364-4 with RD, WT, YL wires.

    Do you need the connectors, pins and boots? 3-pin ? Female?

    Need more information.



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      Thanks M3 Frank, I see the wiring colors now, just didn't look far enough. The ICV is as you've said; the TPS or "throttle switch" as the ETM is calling it, has BR/BU, BR/BK and BR/OR for the ground on pg. 1364-5. I'll look at the harness again tomorrow and see what I have. The engine is from an '88 and I don't know what the harness is from, but has the later diagnostic plug. Will have to run more wire if it's not there I guess, but first must confirm the wires plugged into the ICV.