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Alternator belt tensioner

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  • Alternator belt tensioner

    After reading horrific stories about the alternator belt tensioner braking came up with a simple idea, , even though is not installed on a running engine the concept is tested on my spare engine, looks like it will function as intended, it has right and left hand thread and two locking nuts to lock it once the proper tension is obtained, on the pictures one nut is missing as I forgot to order left hand thread nut, not 100% satisfied with the belt clearance but is something I'll address.
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    Nice work. Be aware that by effectively spacing it further away from the timing chain cover ( in order to have enough space to turn the hex) you increase the load on the mounting point on the chain cover.
    I have found that to be a weak spot after two covers cracked right there (using the OEM tensioner and bolt torqued to spec)