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weird squeal on cold start

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    Hi, the noise you are hearing after the engine has fired is starter. It will either be the bush at the end dry or most likely the drive gear and mechanism dried
    out of lube and not returning properly.

    Mine the bush was missing (ie worn out and fell out) the shaft was wearing in the starter housing when I brought my M3.

    I replaced mine with brand new Bosch P/N 0001108063 starter came complete no terminal problems just installed it and off I went, 2009 $ 390.00 NZD = $250.00 USD.

    E30 M3 1987
    Mini Clubman GT
    BMW E36 323 Msport
    Toyota Corona
    KTM 200EXC
    Honda CB50 (1979)


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      Originally posted by ebox86 View Post
      Thanks guys, will replace the starter because itís of unknown age and status.

      out of curiosity, what are the differences between these two from ecsís Starter page;

      my friend was saying one includes the solenoid and one does not but it seems the cheaper one includes the solenoid, but the more expensive one does not. So itís confusing.

      Anyone have a link or can recommend who to get a new or remanned starter with solenoid from?

      Thanks again!
      The amount of leads is different on those two. Look at the photos. One has just two leads to connect while the other has four. Look at yours and match it.


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        Sometimes the photos arenít accurate.