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    I'm opening this thread for personal evaluation only. This could be personal subject for some others. But on the other hand, just maybe (or maybe not) you also would like to know the Agreed Value of your M3?

    I am trying to gauge and the average Agreed Value for your M3 to your insurance company. My policy is getting close to renewal. And I am thinking of raising the Agreed Value with American Collectors. I am thinking of raising from 26K to 35K. I know each M3 value is in the eye of the beholder.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.



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    I have Stated Value with Hagerty. 1988 in nice condition. 145K miles, $45K.


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      Agreed value is just that...agreed upon. You tell your insurance company what you would like to insure the car for, and as long as it is not completely ridiculous (which they might interpret as an intent to commit future insurance fraud) they normally will go along with it. This of course only applies if you are using a collector car insurance company like Grundy or Hagerty.

      I insured mine with Grundy around 12 years ago for $25K. As soon as I get around to it I am going to knock that value up to $45 or 50K. Obviously the more you want the car covered for, the more they are going to charge you.....

      The huge benefit of agreed value coverage, is that you can insure the car for what YOU think it is worth. An M3 with a $25K DTM engine and tens of thousands of other mods would just be a 30 year old BMW to most insurance companies if it is stolen or totalled. You would not receive anywhere near what you had into the car.
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