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s14 lower oil pan gasket job

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    Thanks all for the updates, i just did my lower pan yesterday with the thicker paper gasket as recommended and Permatex black, the one designed for oil pans, said it had higher oil resistance.

    Originally posted by e30m3black View Post
    Inspect the front nut to the oil pump ,chain play (add shims if over 10mm) and upper gasket. That back plate might be covering an oil leak at the bottom corner of the upper pan. Unbolting the rack and pinion (#1 make sure the batt is disconnected) you would be able to push the back plate up into the engine bay then wiggle it around to slip it out.

    Here is the proper way to do it.
    Thanks for this, this is a great writeup. When it comes time for me to do my upper gasket, i will keep this handy. I did inspect the chain and the pump, all looked good. Pic attached.


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      Originally posted by Crank View Post

      What about doing the rod bearings? How hard is that?
      I did it with the engine out of the car, on a stand. So it was very easy.

      My engine had 120k miles on it at the time, and had been well cared for, so I used standard sized bearings. Checked/measured with Plastigage.

      The 120K rod bearings definitely had some wear on them!

      I also checked a couple of the mains, and they looked fine, so I left them.

      I think the rods could be done pretty easily with the engine in the car. Of course, not as easily as when the engine out on a stand! But definitely doable.