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Rear Strut Brace/Shock Tower

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  • Rear Strut Brace/Shock Tower


    I'd like to install a rear strut brace along with a performance shock mount kit, however I can't find a brand that has the extended bolts to allow mounting the brace! Any help would be great!

    Thanks guys!

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    I urge you to research front and rear strut braces. Iíve done a lot of reading on these, It boils down to them not helping with a couple things that they were designed to prevent. It turns out that the problems that they are designed to prevent... donít happen in the first place; at least not in the e30 m3ís design.
    1988 M3 zinnoberrot/schwarz


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      Thanks for the reply! Hmm, I'll look into this. After 10+ years owning an e30 M3 this is the first I've heard of this. I currently have a front strut brace that has giving me zero issues.
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        The most useful thing about the rear strut braces is that they offer a nice thick plate to spread the load on the shock tower sheet metal, wichh is the actual weak point around that part of the car if you have stiff shocks.
        The left to right "strut" doesnt do jack.
        You can buy a good set of billet aluminum shock mounts add in the common shock reinforcement on top and get the same result.\
        They dont "hurt" anything, but they dont really do what people "sell" them to do.
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          Is there a common feeling about a front strut brace?


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            Seems like the Sparco front strut bar is a favorite.


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              I believe my front is a Sparco, however I don't remember. I bought it here in the classifieds early on, the rear is a one piece custom I bought a while ago that I forgot I had.
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