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Asahi Kiko @ Portland Vintage Festival

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  • Asahi Kiko @ Portland Vintage Festival

    We had a great outing with the M3 in Portland. The car ran perfectly all weekend until the last race on Sunday afternoon. Somehow the oil fill cap on the rocker cover came off about 3 laps from the end. It oiled down the engine compartment pretty well but no other ill effects.

    Video for the weekend is in FCPX as we speak and should be done in a few days. The car opened some big block eyes!

    1976 Luigi BMW CSL
    1991 Asahi Kiko E30 M3
    1970 Koepchen 2002
    1968 Hyde Park 2002TA
    1965 TiSA #193
    1960 700 Vintage Racer
    1965 1800Ti Vintage Racer
    1971 NSU 1200 TTS