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1990 US M3...No Spark

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    Haven't had time to face the M3.....I'll resume troubleshooting tomorrow as I'm now armed with a soldering iron in case I have to work on the ECU.

    I'll open it up and report back asap !!

    Thanks a lot for following up and posting progress with your issues too.


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      Hi all !!!

      A result at last !!!!

      Simply, it turned out to be the sensors near the flywheel....pulse generator !

      Here in Nigeria these parts aren't readily available so I ordered them from Schneiderman in the hope that this would rectify the no start issue......good company with decent pricing. Price for each was about $126. The best price I got prior to this was getbmwparts at $155 each!

      Parts arrived within 6 days.....connected everything up and installed the sensors. Car fired up first time !

      I had also changed my water pump and did the double to single fuel pump has never run this good !

      Thanks a whole lot for all the constructive responses...... I'm going to do an oil and filter change within the coming week and add some new suspension parts while I'm at it.

      I love this forum !!!!


      • #18's Schmiedemann not Schneiderman......the perils of auto-correct!!