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    so, i was paying dearly through the nose to have a wonderful person install a windshield in my beloved, the only car ever made, the winningest racecar ever, e30m3. i decided to go watch. yes, unthinkable, against policy, but, we're talking my beloved. upon arrival, the wonderful person had blocked the drain holes in the bottom two corners of the cowling. i then looked and did not see a circular bead with a triangular bead stacked on it for windshield bedding. upon inquiry, i was asked to leave. then, demanding the wonderful person's manager to save me from going to jail, i was lectured on why my bill was going to be $1500. the wp's manager, certainly another wp, said, "do you know how much these cars are now worth?" oh, no, it's getting worse, what i want to do right now is unthinkable. another thing that drives me ca RAZ y... entitlement by wonder people (wp) to charge you extra, lots extra, just because the value of your car went up. so... after swallowing all that, i said, can i at least go back in the shop and show them how to do it? they, finally let me go in, after i agreed to pay the $1500. when i got there i asked them to pull the bmw technical bulletin on e30m3 windshield installation. finally, they did and all i said was there. the round bead. the triangular bead. the void for the drain holes. the semi cure before install. wow, now everyone blissful. i then came home to check other beloveds "serviced," "maintained," "ppi'd," "signed off," "stabled," by wp, only to find the most overlooked 5 areas you must check on your beloved today. 1) on passenger side, remove cowl cover by windshield wiper. look all the way in the corner, by fender. mine, one plugged with bondo. another, had 1 1/2" fiberglass resin. 3 others, just flat out plugged up. this will cause massive rust in your floorboards that the wp will be glad to fix. for $1500. maybe. 2) on driver's side just below windshield wiper attachment, in cowl, yes, remove cowl grille. in there in bottom of crevice, there is another drain. make sure it is not filled with bondo, fiberglass resin, or just flatout debris. the wp need to add these as areas to maintain. or, if no wp in your life, do it yourself. it is quite gratifying. your beloved will say, "thank you, thank you, thank you." 3) the elephant trunk on the firewall, the one toward passenger side and the engine. get a new one. spray with armor all or whatever, maintain. 4) sunroof drains. they start in front 2 corners of sunroof. mid way you can see them behind your footwell speakers. 3 of my beloveds where puddling behind the speakers! 5) fender rocker panel front pinch weld drains. lookey here. crushed because wp didn't bend over and screw out jack pads, 20 years ago, and life happens. 2 of my beloveds they were missing. water under carpet. so... rely on no one. often overlooked. check your beloveds drains. so, i am sitting in the pool looking at my beloveds windshield. i see the a pillar molding in between the a pillar and the mirror is recessed. flush. what attention to design detail. i looooooove the e30m3. love love love
    the winningest racecar ever.

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    What a wonderful post !!!!


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      $1500.....? I had mine done a few years back and I think it was $400 including a genuine BMW windshield... How much of the charge was for glass and how much was labor?

      BTW, not to be a dick, but your post highlights why things like capitalization, paragraphs, and basic grammar are important. That was VERY difficult to read. I almost didn't even bother....


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        Hi, Evans61,
        You should have walked. There are many glass shops that know what they are doing and charge fair prices. Like $175 for labor for the windshield replacement.


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          Nearly all modern windshields are bonded. There’s nothing special about an e30 m3 that would justify such a high labor cost.