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2018 Monterey Report

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  • 2018 Monterey Report

    The M3 ran perfectly all during the Pre-reunion weekend. The car was put into the same group as the GTO & GTP cars so I was doing a lot of mirror racing, but still managed a 13th place finish and a best lap of 1:42.7. That is a bit slower than I did in the spring race here at Laguna Seca, but the difference was probably due to the warmer weather and oiled track.

    I had a great race with Phil Mendelovitz in his 240 SX GTU car on Sunday. We were very evenly matched. I was a bit quicker up the hill and under brakes. He was quicker on the front straight. I was finally able to pass him on the last lap when one of the GTP cars came through and I followed him under Phil.

    With the CSL out and the M3 so overmatched in Group 7B it was suggested by HMSA that the M3 move to Group 5A to replace the CSL for the Saturday Reunion race. They even let me keep my qualifying place, so I started 9th on Saturday morning in the qualifying race.

    The race on Saturday morning went well. I got a good start and was having a good scrap with John Morton in his Z car, Dennis Singleton in his RSR, and Richard Goldsmith in his Dekon Monza.

    About half way through the race though the tires suddenly fell of a cliff and the car lost grip. We had used them for practice for the pre-reunion weekend, 2 pre-reunion races, and 2 practice sessions for the main weekend. Even though they were done I held on to finish 12th.

    On went a new set of shoes for the Feature race.

    In the Feature race I got a good start, passing Richardís Monza in Turn 2. I was able to get far enough ahead of him so he couldnít get by me on the straight, though he did get inside me a couple of times. We raced like this for 4-5 laps when suddenly I smelled oil smoke in the car.

    We had had the oil fill cap come off the engine in Portland, and at first I thought it had happened again. However, when I looked in the mirror I saw a cloud of blue smoke coming out of the back of the car so I knew something was not good.

    All the gauges read normal. That was a relief as this was a new engine in the car. I did, however, decide to pull of and not add to the oil already on the track. I also hoped the problem was simple and the engine could be fixed in time for the Charity Challenge next month.

    As it turned out when Jim and Terry had a look back in the shop there is a big crack in the block about 3 inches long on the exhaust side. We are all baffled how it could happen.

    It was a disappointing end to the biggest event of the year. 2 cars down for the weekend, and the M3 done for the rest of the year.

    I'll be editing and posting the video from Monterey in a few days.

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    Do you have a crank damper fitted?
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      Steve, sorry about your bad luck on Saturday afternoon. I knew something was amiss when I didn't see you come around after the first third or half of the session.

      I'll share/send some photos once I've waded through the 4000 I took.
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        1988 Lachs - sold
        1988 DS - sold
        Bay Area M3 FB group