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  • Engine screening hardware

    Does anyone have the hardware part numbers and quantities to install a new engine screening (plastic under tray)? I have a new one but real OEM does not list the part numbers or quantity for the hardware.

    The picture at the lower part of the trim page shows “standard clips and screws” that can most likely be bought at a local auto store. However, those usually turn to a bucket of rust in a few months. I believe the nut shown is a plastic nut. My car only came with pieces of the the engine screen.

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    I was able to find the following after searching online. All pricing is from Bav Auto in New Hampshire, USA.

    11 - 16131176747, plastic body nut M6, $0.50
    12 - 07119901299 or 07119916967, hex head screw, $0.46/$1.16. Different plating options
    13 - 07129904225/07129925711, body nut, $1.33

    ill post the quantities when I install the screening.