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  • Miller GEN III/M MAF

    Does anyone have experience with the Miller GEN III MAF? Curious if it offers the HP and TQ increases they advertise.


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    I have had experience with the Miller war chip and maf for the M20 engine. I built a 2.8 stroker M20 for my e30 325i and used that kit. It has its + and -. On the plus side, affordable, easy to install, and runs smoothly. Timing can be adjusted with the war chip and fuel. 4 different maps can be used and switched between them on the fly. All the stock DME programs are retained so dont have to start from scratch.
    They now offer alpha n for the s14. I am considering this for my 2.5.

    The downsides: car has to be shut down, a new map loaded into the dme and then you try again. Around 15 mins all said and done. So can chew up valuable time on a dyno. O2 closed loop control is only for narrow band. So idle and part throttle is closed loop just like the stock DME. Wide open throttle is not closed loop controlled, so you have to have your tune right. If they offered closed loop control for wideband o2 I would be all over this....

    So that's my take on the Miller stuff. It's a good halfway house in between a chip and full aftermarket standalone systems.


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      I had (now removed and stored in a box in the garage) a Miller MAF and War chip. It was dyno tuned by Miller and was a big improvement (by the seat of the pants) and as mwagner said could be tuned on the War chip. I removed the unit and went back to stock as a requirement for collector car insurance. I have the dyno print out from the day but it only applies to that dyno on that car on that day. It was a rear wheel base of 165 and a final of 177hp with a torque of 152 base vs a final of 158 ft-lbs.