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Aux / condenser fan question

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  • Aux / condenser fan question

    Quick question on aux fan. My aux fan looks to be dead per my shop. The fan is very difficult to source right now. I was able to buy a used one on eBay.

    To test the low and high speeds do you just need to power and ground the leads or do you need to send a pulse signal? Iím thinking it is just power/ground based on the inputs not coming from the DME/ECU.

    If just power and ground, what wires are low/high/ground? Color of wires are brown/red/black. Iím hoping black is ground but you never know (Iíve owned Fiats...)


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    On BMWs brown is always ground.
    Yes the aux fan just needs 12v

    Ground the brown wire and test the other two to a 12v source.

    Its been a few months since I looked at that circuit I think itís blk - low, red - hi

    i have a 50% chance of that being right.
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      Thank you! I hope to receive the fan and get it installed prior to the drive to Sig Fest. Good thing our front bumpers come off so easy.