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Maxx Apha-N TPS signal issue

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  • Maxx Apha-N TPS signal issue

    I have an issue where the TPS signal drifts to around 40% regardless of the actual throttle position. This makes the engine run very rich (for actual throttle positions less than 40% of course). It does this intermittently, and will suddenly snap back to the correct value. I've changed the Bosch TPS and the results are the same.
    I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before and knows of a weak spot in the harness because it looks like a have a very difficult diagnosis here. I installed the Maxx probably 10 years ago and from what I remember, the TPS signal goes straight from sensor, through the Maxx harness, to the controller, right? So I don't need to be looking at any part of the factory harness or ECU.
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    Many years since I did alphaN, 2005 I think. But I kind of remembered the tps signal is taken from the wire that used to be afm?

    Anyway.. on my engine with link ems, on a rewired stock harness.. we have had lots of struggle with signal error, espesically on the water temp sensor, and believe that the stock harness is prone to signal noise.
    If not a direct wire form tps is giving better result,it must be the ecu

    Not much help,just my experience.