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s14 rough idle and stutter issue

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  • s14 rough idle and stutter issue


    My E30 is running a rough after I changed the spark plug wires and distributor cap.

    Car was running fine with no hesitation, Thought I would change some things to bring the car up to date on maintenance. Well I replaced the wire plugs and the distributor cap, turned on the car, It ran smooth, took it for a little drive, after 5 minute of driving the car started hesitating and miss fire on low RPM's.
    When I installed the wire plugs, I made sure the firing order 4,2,1,3 connected to the cap distributor.

    Am I missing something?

    What could be the issue here?

    Your help and input is appreciated.

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    Something got undone like ignition wire on plug, on dizzy cap, rotor from Base (and now slowly eating its way into the cap) etc.


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      Maybe you crosses two wires and now the firing order is messed up?
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        My bet is an ignition wire. While it's idling rough, pull each wire one by one. You will eventually find one that upon pulling it, the idle WON'T get rougher. That's your culprit cylinder. Use one of your old wires on that particular cylinder to see if it's the wire.


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          Thank you for your response. I ended up doing all the above and found out that the new Cap distributor was the issue as I went back to the old one and the car ran like a dream. The car distributor was bought brand new from turner but seems a little different from the original.


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            There are two styles of distributor caps, they differ at the centre inside terminal and need the corresponding distributor rotor to match.
            One rotor has a hole where the centre fixed style cap centre terminal sits in, the other style has no hole and the cap has a carbon centre terminal.

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