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  • Differences in dashboards

    Hi all

    My dashboard original to my car (89 m3) was cracked when i got it, so i've been on the hunt ever since for a good one. I believe i finally found that one, but recently discovered that the m3 had specific dashboards vs the regular e30. The m3 specific ones have sound deadening material lined on the underside of the dash, presumably to cut down on cabin noise from the admittedly noisy s14.

    My question is, how many of you have replaced your cracked m3 dash with a non-m3 dash, and did you notice a difference in cabin noise after you did?

    At this point im not even going to try and look to find a non-cracked e30 m3 dash, as they are essentially unobtainium at this point (as a quick anecdote, there is a cracked "reconditionable" e30 m3 dash on ebay right now for $1,000). So i am pretty comfortable with the non-m3 dash, but just wanted to hear from the experiences of others who have done this.


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    I wasn't aware they are different, and don't get why BMW would bother and not use the same for all.
    If you are saying the only difference is a cheap bit of sound deadening material, then it seems pretty easy to replicate, no ?
    ECS has pictures of the lined one for reference.

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      Hi, Ebox86,
      I also had a cracked dash from the car being parked facing south in Sacramento for several years before I bought it. I used a 'regular' dash that came out of a non M3 E30, and didn't notice any difference, except perhaps for the price. I bought the replacement dash from Double O2 salvage in Hayward CA for $200. It's a little tricky replacing the dash so it doesn't get damaged around the panel in the center that holds the radio, OBC and heater controls. I didn't bother to do anything about any sound deadening material.


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        Yes, they are different and not just on the dashboard, but also on the front center console have sound deadening material on M3. As well as on the top plastic of the glove compartment and on the side plastic. Regular E30 is without sound deadening material of those parts.

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