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Cleaning up red seatbelt receptical buttons

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  • Cleaning up red seatbelt receptical buttons

    Hi all. The red plastic buttons for the seatbelt female recepticals are white and faded. When I scratch them with my fingernail, they seem to show red below.

    Has anyone restored these to their original red finish?

    I know this is such a minor thing, but my car just comeleted a 3 year restoration and those stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise brand new interior.


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    Burnishing with a pointy but rounded piece of brass (like a house key) seems to work. I'd tried applying a bit of WD-40 but that didn't keep mine red for long.


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      Meguiar's PlastX Plastic Cleaner might work
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        I hear they can be cleaned up but I just bought new ones. They are still available

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