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Exhaust choice - Stock, Supersprint, Strömung etc

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  • Exhaust choice - Stock, Supersprint, Strömung etc

    Hi there,

    I have recently bought a 87 E30 M3 euro-spec. The car is pretty much stock, but with a complete stainless steel exhaust from Supersprint, type racing, with only the rear muffler.
    This is a very noisy alternative, and I am looking for a more quiet option on my car, not as quiet as a stock, but somewhere in between at least.

    Have any of you guys tried this rear Supersprint race muffler with Stock mid section for example?

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    I used the Eisenmann exhaust many years ago. It is a cat-back system with a very nice tone, not much louder than stock but with a deeper sound. Very well made also.


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      Had the Eisenmann rear box with a stock center section, sounded just perfect, better than the later Miltek full stainless system I later had.
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        I have a borla great on throttle but boomy off but 12 years old and still looks new
        any new center section you get aftermarket will free flow more then stock will louder
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          I am going to say what the other two guys said....
          Eisenmann "sport" exhaust for the rear is the way to go if you want to enjoy the car around town. Supersprint exhaust sounds like a honda exhaust.


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            I've got a Stromug on mine that sounds good.

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              I had the Supersprint race muffler on a Turner no-cat center section. It was great on the track but too loud otherwise. I switched to the Supersprint performance muffler and it is perfect, nice tone but not too loud.

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                Thanks for great feedback!

                I think the solution would be to remove the supersprint from manifold and back (no cat on the car), replace the mid section with an aftermarket "stock-option", and getting a New rear muffler like Stromung or Eisenmann.

                I would like to have a little deeper sound from the exhaust,and it's sounds like this is the way to go then.


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                  Hi, MadsBL,
                  I run either a Borla Stainless muffler or a Stromung stainless muffler with a stock catalyst ahead of it. The Borla is a little louder than the Stromung which I prefer. Either are not as quiet as a stock muffler. I need the cat to pass smog in CA.


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                    Used to run the Stromung with stock center and the sound was great.

                    Now have a VSR center section with rear magnaflow stainless. Quite a bit louder and raspier.



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                      Thanks for feedback. I've got a new center section exhaust waiting for mounting, just waiting for the new rear muffler from FMS to show up from Germany. It should much more quite with this exhaust instead of the SS race exhaust..


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                        I’ve had a Borla for 19 years, great muffler, no complaints. Sounds good, looks good too


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                          I got my Borla muffler at 4wheelonline. It has a nice sound. Loud but not annoying.


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                            i have a vsr centre section. cant complain

                            here in ontario canada as of april 1st.
                            no more emissions test will be needed. =)
                            cat less? =)

                            i have a decent dual tip fk stainless muffler which i locally sourced. for cheap but has too much drone for me when warm.

                            ive been looking around for a dtm tipped mufffler?

                            any suggestions...


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                              I have a VSR center section with a Borla muffler. One minor complaint is that the Borla has a lot of low end and it's very boomy inside the car, the drone can get tiring while cruising. Because it gets more pronounced at certain RPMs and I find myself adjusting my driving to avoid it. Some might think it's worth the trade-off though because it does sound awesome and it has a nice rumble at idle. It doesn't bother me so much that I would change it, but if I were starting over I would try something else.