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All new shifter linkage parts - gap between shifter bushing and clip...

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  • Ironhead
    As others have is just a matter of stuffing in the yellow washers until it is tight. I found with a certain number of washers, it was too loose, but with one more, I could not get the retainer in. I wound up ordering some metal shims from McMaster-Carr to precisely take up the space. This turned out to be kind of a waste, because after a week or so of driving the yellow washers compress and you wind up with play regardless.

    I think this is just a badly designed area of the car, honestly. No matter what you do you wind up with slop that leads to rattles and buzzes.

    I just embrace the buzzing, LOL. I don't think BMW ever intended the E30M3 to be a most of their cars today are.
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  • scrv1
    Mine was the same way.

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  • nsubre
    Hi, CD,
    I have had a similar assembly, and added more yellow washers until all the clearance was gone. It doesn't matter on which side they go. Just tighten it up on both ends of the shift linkage.

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  • All new shifter linkage parts - gap between shifter bushing and clip...

    I decided against a DSSR for a couple reasons. Originality being one, but also mixed reviews of various DSSRs and uncertainty over if improvements from the DSSR were due to the DSSR itself or also replacing worn components.

    Anyways, the new straight selector rod is in, with new bushings, and new shifter lever, ball joint, rear mount, etc.

    When installing the selector rod, the front pin was very tight, almost didnt think the clip would fit - but it did after some persuasion and light taps from a small rubber mallet.

    The rear, however, is loose as anything. The clip actually sits sideways. I seem to remember some guys doubling up the plastic bushings back here to tighten it up, but thought i'd ask what you guys did to avoid this issue if you've run across it.

    Pic explains it all...