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  • Wheel fitment

    Iím refinishing a set of 16 x 8 Japan Weded (JW) mesh wheels for the 88. The first wheel I worked on was marked as a rear from the mold and has and offset of 16.

    i just pulled the second wheel out of the box and noticed it was marked front with an offset of 00. Will an offset of 0 fit on a stock car with stock brakes? Was planning to put 225/45/16 Dunlop tires on.

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    I'm pretty sure a 16x8 et 0 wheel will not fit in the front. I have a set of Racing Dynamics 16x8 et 15 wheels and they are pretty much flush with the front fender. With a 0 offset, the wheels are almost sure to hit the fender or stick out past the fender.


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      Sometimes afyermaafte wheels don't stamp the offset. I have a set of wheels with no offset stamped. So maybe yours are just not written. A zero offset will have the mounting face directly in the middle of the wheel. You should be able to eyeball that to see if it is in fact zero offset, or just not marked correctly.


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        first of all what is needed is to know how wide the wheels are, then the offset will have more of a meaning.