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    My gauge is dead and need replacement ( sensor is fine). Notice that the part number for M3 and 325i is different. M3 62131380869 325 62131374816. the one for M3 is no longer available. Questions:
    1. Does the 325 gauge work on M3?
    2. Anyone in the market that restore these gauges ?
    3. Anyone tried to add a digital sensor that tuck in somewhere not obvious just to get a reading, in order to retain the original look ?

    Thanks !

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    Most likely the issue is a loose ground lug on the gauge itself and/or a poor solder connection of the resistor for the gauge. We can go over your entire gauge cluster and rebuild it. PM me for more info.
    Ron ///Man

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      Or you could do what I did . Remove the M3 red needle & super glue it on a good working e30 temp gadge !!


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        I think Ron has the answer usually the problem is with the retaining screws slightly loose or the connections, either way some internet research should show how to test the gauge.

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