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Pre-Purchase Inspections: What has been your experience?

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  • Pre-Purchase Inspections: What has been your experience?

    Trying to get a sense of experiences that buyers/sellers had with PPIs on their e30 M3s. Especially now as some are increasing in value, and buyers/sellers better know what is at stake for having a quality car.

    I realize this experience is all over the board, especially with not-common vehicles like this one, and ones where specialists are few and far in between:
    • How much did you pay for a PPI?
    • Was the PPI you got thorough enough?
    • What was the PPI missing?
    • How did you find the dealer/shop/person that did the PPI?
    • Did it include photos?
    • Did you get undercarriage photos? Are these important to you?
    • Was a compression test included/important to you?
    • Did the PPI include a paint reading / do you care about one?
    • Did you trust the PPI?/ did you buy the car because of the PPI?
    • Have you ever gotten a PPI ahead of selling a car?
    • What do you think is missing in the process of getting a PPI (as a buyer or seller)?
    • How would the experience of buying a car far away be improved to you?
    • How much was cost a factor in the PPI (buying or selling)

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.