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Leaky cam cover

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  • Leaky cam cover

    Do you guys typically just run a dry gasket or use RTV type sealer as well? The gasket is relatively new. I run redline oil and always get some leaking after getting the car nice and warm. Not dripping leaks, but wet if I run my finger across the bottom edge above the exhaust. I have some of the tacky spray Permatex. Thinking about trying that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Best bet for no leaks is; gasket, thin RTV, and Castrol GTX instead of synthetic oil.


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      Generally all that is needed is to buy a gasket from a BMW dealer. Most of the aftermarket gaskets are made by a different manufacturer, and they are crap. I have never had a genuine BMW gasket leak, ever, and I always install them bone dry. And I have always used synthetic oil.

      To me, using dino oil just to avoid leaks makes no sense. Synthetic is superior in every way, even to Castrol GTX.