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Intake Valve length

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  • Intake Valve length

    Hi guys,

    I am building up my spare head which I had straightened. I have a set of Supertech intake valves I would like to make use of. The part number is BMIVN-1006/L.

    These are a stock 37mm sized valve but has a longer stem. 123mm vs stock length which is hard to find but maybe 121.4mm?

    I am guessing these are used with shim under bucket? Steve from topend performance said I could use them if I grind down the tips. My machine shop guy said he does not like to take too much off as it goes through the hardening layer.

    Should I take 1.6mm off each one down to stock length (if that is the stock length)?

    They do look like better performing valves than stock, as the stem narrows down before the valve head, so less mass in the intake port.

    Any tips/advice/ previous experience?



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    You can jus them as the are
    on need to grit them of
    You can put thinner shims on top of de bukkets
    You also less massa of the bukkets

    the shims of a s52b32 are thinner

    sorry form the bad english

    greetings dave


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      Thanks Dave makes sense. I will check how thin my (works) shim set goes.


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        I have no idea if this should be a concern, but would thinner shims increase the likelihood of kicking one out?


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          Yes that is something to think about. I wonder what the thinnest stock shim thickness is for the S14? I will look into it.

          What I will do when I remove the cylinder head off the engine I will measure valve stem height from head to tip and compare withthe long supertech valves.