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No power to coil

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  • No power to coil

    im getting no power to the coil, main relay is fine, ignition key tumbler is fine, fuse is fine.. any suggestions ?

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    Got the correct wiring diagram for your car? I would be probing the ignition switch to confirm power is going out when ignition is on.


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      Check for fuel. If there is none AND there's no spark then it's most likely the crank position sensor, or, the ECU.
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        I had no spark on an e28 525e recently (same 2 x sensors in bell housing) and I was getting power to the coil at 12+, but the coil was not being grounded by the ECU (signal). It was a faulty crank sensor. If he is not getting power to 12+ on the coil then its a wiring or ign switch issue....


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          I found the problem, it was the on -board computer relay box, itís behind the ABS control box under the dash.. I jumped the green & green & red wire and it started right up.. Thanks for the replyís and Iím really grateful it didnít burn..