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Oil restrictor jet in block going to head.

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  • Oil restrictor jet in block going to head.

    Hi guys,

    I have researched this topic somewhat and I wonder if this jet is fitted to stock 2.3ltr road going engines or was only used in race engines.

    11111306874 is the part number, it is mounted to the oil feed hole in the deck of the block right near the left front cylinder head bolt hole.

    I've seen motors without them and some with them. When I built my 2.5 one was present, and now I am doing a head rebuild on my 2.3 and it does not have it.

    If it doesn't have it, should I fit it?

    My understanding of this would be it limits the volume of oil to the head, and prevents too much oil accumulated in the head at extended high rpms.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I was under the impression that ALL S14s used this restrictor. But, I've been wrong before.


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      I vote yes fitted to all M3ís as well.

      E30 M3 1987
      Mini Clubman GT
      BMW E36 323 Msport
      Toyota Corona
      KTM 200EXC
      Honda CB50 (1979)


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        I agree with Dave. The are all fitted with this jet.


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          Ok looks like the jury has decided. It makes sense as on etk there is no special information for this part, so it is just fitted as per normal like any other part.