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Dealer can't find radio code?

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  • Dealer can't find radio code?

    I've tried 3 dealers and none can get me the code. Is the number on the label not the serial number??

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    The FCC rules require that most devices be authorized before they can legally be imported or sold in the United States. Products subject to certification are required to be uniquely identified by an identifier known as FCC ID. The FCC ID consist of two parts: (1) a Grantee Code; and (2) a product code. The Grantee Code, as specified in Section 2.926, is a three or five character alphanumeric string representing the Grantee / Applicant for certified products.

    * Grantee codes that begin with an alpha character (A-Z) consist of three characters.
    * Grantee codes that begin with a number (2-9) consist of five characters.
    * The Grantee Code does not contain the numbers "one" and/or "zero".

    The product code can be up to 14 alpha numeric characters. Hyphens " - " separated by an alpha numeric character are permitted; consecutive hyphens "-" are not permitted.

    There must be another number somewhere on the radio that enables the dealer to lookup the unlock code. Another option might be the OEM manual that was originally shipped with the radio. That may have the code printed inside of it.
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      if you have maint records from dealers for the car, check the top section about the car. sometimes dealers print the radio code there for the techs in case they disconnect the battery during service. that is where i found the radio code for my car.
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        ^ never heard that but it makes sense, great tip. My radio has said code forever and I've never bothered to call a dealer to to track down the code, since I never listen the radio anyway.
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          If is an E30 radio it should be a metal plate on the back of the radio that is what they need.


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            I'll yank it back out and check. Never thought to check a master vehicle inquiry.