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Evo 2 Uberkaro headrest question

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  • Evo 2 Uberkaro headrest question

    I have a pair of light uberkaro headrests I bought with some other evo 2 parts, as the headrests are not needed I have listed them on ebay.
    Someone has asked me if they are evo 2 specific as apparently they are different to stock e30 uberkaro headrests as found in the 318is models.
    Apparently the material on side of headrests is matching to bolsters which is bison leather on evo 2 models and standard vinyl on stock e30 models, can anyone shed any info on this?


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    I seriously doubt the side material is bison leather. From what I can tell it's vinyl.
    The difference is in the colour of the ueberkaro as the silver is specific and unique to the M3 Evolution. The 318is (and 320is) had Anthracite /anthrazit as the colour which was darker and had black (vinyl) sides. The silver Ueberkaro on those is also different from the 305 silver on the Evo.

    More info in this thread

    What other Evo parts do you have you'd part with?


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      Have a genuine bootlid complete with spoilers and footrest.