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  • Evolution 2 & Sport evolution pistons

    Trying to track down some 1st oversize evolution 2 pistons at the moment. Does anybody have anything to offer or leads worth chasing? Dealer reckons only 2nd oversize still available.
    1st oversize 11251 312 633
    2nd oversize 11251 312 634

    Also trying to track down oversize piston options for a 2.5 stock engine. Again if anyone has anything to offer or leads on where I might get some I'd greatly appreciate it.
    Finding it tricky even to find the BMW part numbers for 1st & 2nd oversize 2.5 pistons.


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    Hi Clarke30,
    I have had good luck using JE pistons in several sizes that are not available from BMW. And they are forged rather than cast so while they slap a little when the engine is cold, they are much stronger and less expensive. You can also use modern stainless three piece oil rings instead of the one piece oil ring that usually comes with factory pistons. And they are made in LA.


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      Hi Brian.
      Two options for you to consider, since there is very little difference from standard to first os could you hone the bore and install new original size pistons if yes this would be worth look

      This company from what I read buys new blanks from Mahle and then machine them to finish dimensions to suit there customer requirements and the price seems very good,


      Az in OZ might have some additional information on the company.


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