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Will M30B35 A/C bracket fit on the S14 block?

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  • Will M30B35 A/C bracket fit on the S14 block?

    Will the a/c bracket from the M30 motor fit on the S14 block? I want to use the Seiko compressor from one of these cars. It looks like from photos that it might possible bolt right up.

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    If not go to Search for "hobie dave". he makes a bracket for the M10 for the new compressors. and / or search for blunt 2002 parts. they have them as well.


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      Is there any particular reason you would want to use this compressor instead of the model-specific one?? Just asking because I'm on the fence as to even bother replacing my dead compressor and have had it off of the car for a long time.
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        Maybe Blunttech will have bracket for updated compressor soon?!?


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          I have a mint condition Seiko compressor from a 1991 735I with M30 motor. The bracket does not fit, I went back to the junkyard to check the measurement of the bolt holes. I ended up purchasing updated bracket p/n 82399404494 which fit's most of the late 80s early 90s compressors. I am not a fan of the earlier Bosch/Behr compressors, they always seem to be noisy and not that efficient. Here is the link of the bracket:

          It's a real tight fit and tricky getting the hoses to fit correctly.