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Sachs Clutch Differences

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  • Sachs Clutch Differences

    Sachs has two clutch kits for the M3, p/n 21 21 2 226 854 and p/n 21 20 2 226 141. Can anyone explain the differences between the two kits. I can't seem to find much information on 854. I believe 141 is the standard replacement, however I've heard the PP on 141 is either a different design or slightly weaker somehow. Any issues with the plastic TO bearing included in the kit? Is there a better TO bearing option?

    Finally, I am assuming either kit works with the EVO flywheel.

    Thanks in advance.

    1990 M3

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    The part numbers you quote are BMW part numbers.

    When checked against you get... - discontinued - currently listed for my M3 when checked against VIN.

    I would suggest that the 854 part is the stock part no.

    The second part is listed for Grp A and Grp N as well as all other E30 M3s.

    If you are wanting some type of uprated clutch, then the Sach part Nos can be found here.

    Pt No 3000 457 001 is listed as a stock replacement

    The part No cross reference is 21212226854

    3000 457 001 uses the following parts:

    3082 001 454 ( Clutch Pressure Plate / 1 pieces )
    1878 634 232 ( Clutch Disc / 1 pieces )
    3151 231 031 ( Releaser / 1 pieces )

    The Sach Performance listings are:

    883082 999618 ( Clutch Pressure Plate / 1 pieces )
    181862 168232 ( Clutch Disc / 1 pieces )
    881864 999739 ( Clutch Disc / 1 pieces ) -Paddle non sprung centre.
    053151 047331 ( Releaser / 1 pieces )

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      I would not recommend the uprated Sachs clutch for a stock-ish street car. I found it unnecessarily heavy.

      Also: the original Sachs OE-replacement clutch that I purchased had a dud pressure plate straight out of the box that drove me crazy, and sent me digging through my entire clutch and hydraulic system trying to find the cause. After replacing everything once or twice, in the end it was the pressure plate. So... not sure how what action you can take on that advice, but perhaps a useful data point.

      *edit* I used both the stock-replacement and performance clutches with an Evo flywheel, no issues.
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        I have a '618 in my pretty much stock street car and I like it, but I like heavy clutches and super stiff brake pedals.
        The real missing like is that Sachs "used" to make for our cars was a Sport pressure plate (21511204525) which was a lightweight with added clamping force version which was awesome. I still have one in my parts stash.
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