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How to identify EVO III engine/box/diff

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  • sjuggins
    This info is great, thank you very much guys

    I'd read about the TB sizes but never knew about the crank bolt.

    I've been doing some additional searching and am I correct in thinking the ECU has a different code for the Sport Evo? Sources I found say it should be 0 261 200 092

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  • Markus
    check the mounting from the crank
    2.3 is mounted with a nut

    2.5 is mounted with a bolt

    after you have checked then you know that it is a 2.5 but you can't be sure if it is a "real" original E3 one....could be also a bored 2.3
    So know you must check the number on the block... it must be 254S1 + a serial number
    New 2.5l blocks don't have any number on the block - only the 600 that comes with the car
    If someone have stamped anything later you'll see that it was done later....
    For the rest you would need to open the engine

    The rear diff must be a S3,15 if it is a E3 one
    Gearbox is the same as the 2.3 one. Only the bell housing is different

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  • Dibs
    To my mind a Sport Evo engine has always been referred to as an S14B25 engine - not sure but would expect something to that effect stamped on the block. Plugs\leads etc, doesn't really mean anything - could be the owner couldn't get hold of red leads and fitted std leads. I don't remember anything other than the colour and price being different (higher) between std and red leads.

    The throttle bodies should be 48mm in diameter - although some of the later Evo2 cars did have them also, iirc. Or someone could have fitted them to a S14B23 (which was the 2.3L engine).

    Your best bet is to get all the nbrs on the block - realoem or ETK should track the part number even if it has been superseded. And that will tell you what year\model that part nbr was applicable to.

    To the best of my knowledge the gearbox & diff - evo sports didn't have ones unique just to those cars (but I could be wrong).



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  • sjuggins
    started a topic How to identify EVO III engine/box/diff

    How to identify EVO III engine/box/diff

    Hello all.

    I'm a new member from the UK and need some help identifying the originality of engine, box and diff reportedly from an Evo III. I owned an Evo Sport back in the mid 90's myself but that was so long ago I can barely remember any actual specifics of the cars...

    To elaborate. I'm in process of possibly purchasing a BMW (not E30) which has had an s14 conversion done in the early-mid 90's and the donor car was apparently a Sport Evo. There is a lot of paperwork to go through which I will do when I view the car properly at the weekend but as the engine has been removed from the original vehicle I can't tally the VIN and engine numbers.

    I know the spark plugs have been changed from red ones and I've asked for a picture of the numbers stamped on the starter/bellhousing area but wondered if there is a list of things I can check off to confirm the engine, gearbox (dogleg type) and diff are all legitimate?

    Appreciate any advice or guidance from you wise folks.