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Asahi Kiko Back at Full Song

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  • Asahi Kiko Back at Full Song

    We tested the M3 on Friday during the Portland race to see if the fixes Jim made solved the miss problem we had down in Monterey and I'm pleased to say that everything is fine again with the car. He had replaced the distributor cap and the throttle position sensor, which we have had issues with before, and one or both cleared up the problem.

    I will be taking the car down for the CSRG Charity Challenge at Sonoma in October. Looking forward to running the car for the first time on that track. It should go VERY well there.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	M3@LagunaSVRA_2019_3.jpeg
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    Looking great!

    You are correct about is the only track I have been to where my car can lap in the same ballpark as the 'Vettes and other high-HP cars.


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      I'll try and make it out there for that. Sears Point is a fun track, I run a 2:00:XX lap with my '69 Datsun 2000. I'm guessing you will be in the FIA group? If so I'd be racing against you with the Datsun (because its a '69 rather than a '67 even though there is no mechanical difference between the two.) I'm guessing a race prepped M3 will be quite a bit faster.

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        Nice car! Good luck on your next run.


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          Hi SteveWalker ,

          I was watching this video, 2017 - Heritage Touring Cars, Mount Panorama. At around 17:19 your Ashi Kiko M3 shows up. I am assuming this was prior to your purchase.

          1990 M3