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Rear Rotor hat question

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  • Rear Rotor hat question

    Looking for some information on the offset of the rear rotor hats. I ordered a bbk from IE and the rotor hat wont seat all the way over the e brake shoes. Everything is pressed in and torqued down, the hat is bolted down to the hub but is leaving about 1.7mm of the ebrake shoe exposed. I measured the hats from the surface of the hat to the end at 52.3mm and was hoping that somebody can take a measurement of a oem rotor so I can verify that the part is either correct or not correct in sizing.

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    i have some junk stock rear rotors rusting outside my shop. will try to measure tomorrow if you still don't have a reply. inner hub bearing surface to edge of ebrake mating surface.
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      total height 65mm, rotorhat face thickness 7mm -> Inside "depth" 58mm


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        Interesting question and probably a great answer if only I spoke German. Does this imply that there is supposed to be brake shoe material showing?


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          measured inside depth = 58.72mm. stock original rotor.
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          88 M3


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              Originally posted by hardtailer View Post
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                Originally posted by stevesingo View Post

                Me think Hardtailer's account may have been hacked by spammers... ;-(

                And yes, 58mm depth is correct. And be aware that some shops use of the shelf hat blanks from Wilwood. Which explains why sometimes measurements are not always correct for the intended purpose.

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                  No hacked account, it was indeed me

                  It was in response to wonder boy''s post saying ' if only I spoke German' and trying to illustrate what Mortimer responded 65-7=58 mm as answer to the original question.


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                    I will answer in Finnish next time, it is my natural language
                    Then You know what it is like to read German and English for me


                    • hardtailer
                      hardtailer commented
                      Editing a comment
                      You seem to have taken my response differently from how I meant it to be.
                      I apologise should I have insulted you with me posting the sketch and dimensions of the rear brake disk. It was a genuine effort to clarify the answer you had given.

                    • Mortimer
                      Mortimer commented
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                      This was related to an earlier comment that my link led to a German site.
                      There are people who speak different languages ​​in international forums.
                      Often the answer can be found on a foreign language site, which will require a little more effort.

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                    Hello Bryce. Looking for E30 M3 right rear quarter panel. Or entire rear clip for a repair. I've checked Ebay and Dealerships and some dedicated dismantlers. Original owner and not interested in selling. Tks, Angelo 408-206-9663