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Engine Assembly

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  • Engine Assembly

    Well I am finally, finally, FINALLY moving on the 02 project again! Engine bottom end has been back from the machine shop for about 1 year now (yeah, I just said that) and I'm ready to start assembling. Unfortunately I just realized that the notes I took when I disassembled the engine in regards to rod orientation and such did not make it back from the machine shop....

    Is there an assembly guide available or has anyone detailed in a build thread the proper orientation for engine internals? I've searched and haven't found anything S14 specific, just general engine assembly stuff.

    It's basically a stock 2.3 overhaul with JE pistons.

    I'm sure the JE pistons will indicate orientation but not sure if the rods have a direction or not.?

    And are the rods identical or does it matter what cylinder they go in?

    I usually will take a photo if I write something like that down on paper and am kicking myself for not doing it this time!

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


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    Rods can go anyway round in any cylinder. If you have balanced and know the weights, I'd put the rod with the heaviest small end with the lightest piston.
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      How about main cap location/direction? They are stamped 1-5.


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        Number one is closest to the sprocket.
        Judging from the pictures in the factory repair manual you can read the numbers (as opposed to being upside down) when you have the sprocket on the left hand side and the flywheel on the right hand side when looking down on the short block to fit the caps.

        Best to get the factory repair manual (have no link to hand, sorry)