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Ignition Cutoff Problem

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  • Ignition Cutoff Problem

    Dear Gurus......

    My M3 has developed a an ignition problem whereby once started up and I drive it (long or short journey), I turn the key to stop the engine but it keeps matter how many times I try to turn it off. I have to put it in gear with the handbrake on and stall the engine.

    It started last year......I thought (initially) it was the alarm (it had an immobiliser on it), as it was quite old and seemed to have a few issues. I had it taken off and all seemed to be well.

    Then the same issue last week....

    I think it seems to be when the car has not been used for a while.....that seems to be the only connection (that I can think of) that has the same circumstances as last it was when the car had emerged from it's winter hibernation....and the other day when it happened I had not used it for a few weeks and had to take it to a show I was invited to.

    Hope you guys can help

    Thank you in advance


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    I'd think the easiest thing to do would be to swap out the ECU and see if it goes away. Beyond that, it would be tracing through the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual to check every circuit that could keep the engine running. Whenever anyone mentions electrical issues after storage, I automatically think: mouse damage... they love to burrow into cars and chew on wire insulation causing all sorts of wacky issues.
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      check the electrical ignition switch, its behind the steering wheel.
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        I'll vote for the ignition switch behind the steering wheel as well. Its not hard to replace.

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          +1 on Ignition switch.
          My first car was an E30 and I used to be one of those people that carried a ton of keys along with my car keys.
          Was driving home and took a left turn "enthusiastically" and my keys flew out of the ignition switch, but the car kept running.
          Turns out the tumbler was completely destroyed.


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            Thanks for the replies so far guys.....sounds pretty straightforward to check the ignition that’s where I’ll start.... :-)

            Much obliged guys.

            S14 to the rescue yet again.