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  • High beam mod

    Hello Guys!

    need help here!

    We are modifying our e30 m3 race car, getting rid of the steering switches (turn signals, wipers, etc) instead we are replacing them with rocker switches on the dash, and some of them (like flash beam, wiper wash) with momentary buttons on the steering wheel

    We have a problem with the High Beam setup. the High beams get activated through 85 (ground) from Relay, so when we turn on the light switch, we can either place high beams ON completely by using a yellow cable from the light switch and hooking it up with the white one (to 85 relay) or we can flash lights putting the 85 to ground.

    Problem is, when the lights are ON, because there is a rocker switch making high beams always on, Flash won't work, so I need to find a solution on how to make the flashing work when lights are ON and also when they are OFF.

    any ideas? maybe another relay for the circuit?

    thanks in advance!!!