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    LOL. Account has been banned.


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      Originally posted by jimmy p. View Post

      There is some data in the SIG archives on this.
      Years ago when the car was still being actively club raced some Northeast track guys did some testing of all the wing settings (and no wing at all).
      Its been a few years since I read it, the test was done at Watkins Glen (similar to VIR in many ways) the test car actually slowed down the more wing they put in.
      I think the fastest lap times were with the wing completely removed (at the cost of driver confidence), so what I remember was the take away was that leave the wing on, but add as little flap as possible because it adds alot of drag.

      When I had my stock wing type I think I ran it in the middle setting, the car felt good, but I knew from reading those posts that I was probably giving something up on the straights.
      Well now that I have that 330+HP , and a new DTM flap from Markus for this year, I'll get to test it out at VIR in April. As of now (huge front splitter, rear normal flap in ring setting) the car feels like it hits a brick wall at 135-140mph on the front straight, which I know these cars essentially are a brick wall, aero wise lol.