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Old ECU chip identification

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  • Old ECU chip identification

    popped open my ECU yesterday just to see if it had been chipped by previous owner. It appears that it was, but despite paging through many threads in the ECU faq area, i can't find info on what this chip might be....anyone recognize this one? pretty sure the factory did not put a yellow label with hand written "M3" on the chip....
    i suspect it was done in the early 90's. car is an otherwise stock US 88 that lived in the PA/MD area back then.

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    nobody recognizes the handwriting?

    i am wondering if it was done by Cyntex in Westchester, Pa. they have been closed for a while, but were a hot ticket back in the day and were relatively near where the owner at the time was. My Stickley engined E36 race car was tuned on their dyno.
    75 M2
    88 M3


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      Definitely a re-writeable chip


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        Hey Marshall, I have a few Cyntex chips as they used to tune my car when it had the old Cytex chip AN on it and none of them have that sticker with handwritten anything on it. Actually I wrote on them myself after Paul finished, but as you know alot of people used that dyno.

        My silver race car came with an oddball chip in it I'll have to look for it. It took a while initailly but I think Don Fields helped me figure out where it came from.
        Back in those days alot of guys were attempting to write or clone chips for these cars I think.

        I just looked in my chip stash, all my chips that we did at Cytex had an actual Cyntex sticker on them and then I wrote the basics on it.
        The other ones I have are Racing Dynamics versions of the original Conforti / Cyntex AN code and then a Dinan
        I think the other oddball chip I was talking about is downstairs in an old ECU.
        I'll have to go pop that open and see what it looks like. It was an oddball chip for sure.
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