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evo undertray fitting

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  • evo undertray fitting

    hi , first i have searched till my eyes are sore to no avail....
    has anyone got a pic of the underside of a Genuine Sport Evo Front Bumper .... are they different to the standard bumper. i am in the process of fitting the splitter undertray and engine compartment cover . there are 6 slots on the engine cover that the tabs on the bumper slot into , however the standard bumper only has 4 tabs . This would indicate to me that the bumper is a different shape to accommodate the undertray and the effect it will have for the oil cooler venturi........ thanks

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    All good .. found what i was looking for .. It helps a lot to use the correct terminology when using the search function...

    and a big thanks to drwillb for taking the time to posted these pics , i can now see the difference in the two bumpers and what needs to be cut away for correct fitment.


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      I used:


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        yeh i saw that .. but it didn't look right... the underside of the bumper is covering the venturi .. after looking at the evo bumper in the other pics it is clear that this part needs to be cut away for correct fitment.