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Car won't unlock, help!

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  • liquidtension
    Nevermind all, turned out to be a dead battery, also i was able to get into the car using passenger side had to rotate it CW and jiggle a little, then i hooked up the battery and confirmed no ignition, it's at 7-8v, i bought it back in early 2016 so i guess it's done.

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  • liquidtension
    started a topic Car won't unlock, help!

    Car won't unlock, help!

    Hey guys,
    my car's central locking isnt working (it's a replacement central locking so the oem isnt there anymore)
    the key on the driver's side used to work before, but then it wouldnt work till i jiggled it around, then later it wouldnt work even with jiggling, ive since tried some wd-40 on the key but no dice.
    the passenger side i never really opened it with the key, i thought it didnt work, but today after a lot of jiggling it seems to go a 1/4 turn (im turning it towards the rear of the car), then feels like it hits something and won't go further
    i tried using a blood pressure device to get the door a little far apart to work in a rod, no dice the blood pressure thing just inflated on the side that's outside the car
    also i tried to use the shoelace method, i was only able to get a wire from the top side of the door inside, but didnt know how to get the shoelace attached without it slipping back, plus im not sure how much it would work cause it's so tight around the door
    any ideas?
    I've seen iirc somebody mentioning once he removed his rear windshield in 2mins, i wonder how easy that is?