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  • Tips for engine installation

    Finally got my engine back and will be putting her in ASAP.. I am planning on bolting the tranny first and putting them in together. I was wondering if I should also bolt on the exhaust manifold before the install. Have any of you done this? I don’t know if it will make things easier or harder.. Also, do I need to remove the ARB for clearance?

    Advice, as always, much appreciated!

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    I dont know the answer to your Q but your engine looks beautiful!

    Sorry to sidetrack but who did the rebuild?


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      I think you will get multiple viewpoints on this, there is no right answer. Alot has to do with the space one has, the facilities, (jackstands or lift), if jackstands how high can they get the car, etc.

      My usual procedure (and I have done it way more times than I like to admit) is to drop in the complete engine with header in from above, then do flywheel, clutch, bellhousing & trans from below. I find I can be way faster and do less damage that way rather than trying to wrestle the whole assembly into place.

      On a side note, if you have a 2 piece header this is where it shines, splitting the header and dropping in the top part on the engine, then attach the lower 1/2 with the exhaust.
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        I fit the header before fitting. It is a PITA to get in with the engine in place - your nice clean water rail would need to come off to get the header in. The bell housing is 6 of one half dozen of the other. I find getting the box in easier with the bellhousing already fitted and getting the engine in with it fitted not too much more difficult.
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          If you can lift your car high enough I recommend installing transmission and header, bolting the whole assembly to the front subframe and raising it up into the car. I do that, but I have a 2 post lift, but the principal applies if you can get the car high enough...


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            Thanks guys.. I wound up bolting the tranny and the header and starter while the engine was out - orders of magnitude easier to do while it’s out!
            I used a strap (don’t have a leveler) tight to the arm of the lift and lowered it from above. As I lowered I was able to tilt the engine and tranny in to the channel. Had help of course - it’s a two man job but it went in without a hitch nor a scratch. The header cleared no problem. I had preinstalled the LH engine mount on the crossmember but the leg on the engine. I installed the RH leg and engine mount on the engine. As I lowered I fit the LH leg on the mount and put on the nut then guided the RH leg and mount into position. Super easy. I’m halfway done the install and it’s 5:30 am and after this coffee I’m getting started to finish up. :-)

            Originally posted by BMWi4 View Post
            I dont know the answer to your Q but your engine looks beautiful!

            Sorry to sidetrack but who did the rebuild?
            Thanks - work was done by European Motowerks in Montreal. I paid the parts, all OEM, came to about 8000cdn. Garage work, which included a rebuild of the throttle assembly came to just under 6000 taxes and everything. So all in all about 14000$ Cdn. Pretty much exactly what I had figured at the outset.