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Group N bilstein strut help

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  • Group N bilstein strut help

    Guys lost the nuts that hold the inserts of the Group N Bilstein front struts, the ones on the bottom not the top.. Does anyone know the size? None of the spare nuts I have around work. Thanks.

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    Can't you just take the insert to the hardware store and source a nut? A nut is a nut - right?
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      According to the Gruppe N catalogue I think its this

      6KT MU / hex. hd. nut M10x1

      There is a separate group listing for the strut top mount with an M12 nut so I am betting that its the M10 @1.0 listed above.

      This is the parts descriptions in that group for the front struts:

      Federbein li höhenverstellbar / front strut lh height adj.
      Federbein re höhenverstellbar / front strut rh height adj.
      Stossdämpfer / shock absorber 300/300
      Abstreifer / shock absorber seal ring
      6KT MU / hex. hd. nut M10x1

      EDIT: Confirmed I just found a drawing of the front suspension, its M10 @ 1.0
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        Jimmy thanks for the info!