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Help! Under dash harness routing question.

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  • Help! Under dash harness routing question.

    I am trying to figure out if all the wires are routed correctly under the dash. I see a harness pinned between the steering column and the duct to the left most HVAC vent. I cannot find a definitive answer on the internet. I just wanted confirmation, as it looks odd to have a harness squeezed between 2 things, potentially damaging it, but there are plenty of pictures on the internet that look like it and equally as many with the harness in front.

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    Well, I think I found the answer. After disassembly I noticed the HVAC duct has a groove to fit the harness, so the harness isn't pinched as I had originally assumed. I didn't pay attention initially when I assumed the harness was pinched, but thinking back, I could move the harness in an out a bit, but since my mind was already down one path, it didn't register the implications of that.


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      The wiring wrap in your car looks very clean and well preserved. Is it original?


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        All the wrapping you see with the 'gaps' is original. The one bundle in the foreground without the 'gaps' was just wrapped by me. I was going to wrap them all up before I put it all back together... but I got hung up on that bundle under the HVAC duct.

        I figured the gaps appeared as the tape shrunk with age... Are you telling me that's how it's supposed to be?


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          I've only ever seen it with the gaps but you could be right, maybe it wasn't originally wrapped like that.

          In my car the tape looks more dry and tattered.


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            My original tape is just so gooey... You have to wipe your hand with rubbing alcohol to get it clean after handling it. The new tape is tacky, rather than gooey.


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              Factory original is with the gap/spacing on the interior wiring loom. It leaves enough flexibility to fit the loom and have it follow contours it's laid along. No spacing makes it stiff very quickly.


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                Don't have to time wade through this rebuild thread on another forum, but it contains tons of pics showing pretty much all the wiring on disassembly and reassembly.

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