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Moving from M4 to E30.

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    Originally posted by irdave View Post
    Oh, and on topic, I went from a hot rodded e46m3 to a 2002 to an m2 (2002 with e30m3 stuff.) At first the s14 is VERY underwhelming. After a while it all grows on you and it's just so much fun- I don't miss having a fast car at all. Much more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow...

    Wise words here. Most first time drivers are disappointed by the S14. It's appeal is more subtle than a 500 HP V8, and takes time to appreciate.


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      Originally posted by Westopher View Post

      I might get banned for this, but even if the e36 and e30 were the same price, and I were forced to get rid of one, I'd keep the e36 without even thinking twice.
      i am with you. my (original owner) e36 M3 is the best car i have owned. in every way. does not have the cache of the e30 m3, but just does everything better. only car i have that i never plan to sell.
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        It's very hard to drift in a car with 195 wheel HP unless on a wet skidpad.

        Usually E30 m3 owners are the opposite of drifters around the track as it's all about forward momentum.

        First things first. Change the rod bearings and get an oil pan baffle. Also a good idea to take off the VC and inspect the valvetrain. If it has Titanium anything, I would have that replaced. The S14 can last many miles at 7,000 rpm if properly built and maintained.

        E30M3 is a Legend


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          lol. You don't drift a difficult to insure / difficult to replace elderly car with a really expensive low horsepower engine. You drift a disposable car. If you can't total it and walk away with a smile, it's too expensive for drifting.

          Also, the E30 M3 is not a good daily driver. If you don't have another car, you'll be really frustrated, because there will frequently be something that needs work. It's the nature of a 30 year old car, unless you have another $100k (at least) to throw at the car to get it rebuilt to something near as-new condition. And these cars rust. You don't really want to drive it in the winter.
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