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  • Gearbox Issues

    Hi there,

    I recently have problems with my Getrag Gearbox in my 320is. When shifting from 3rd to 2nd the gear somtimes jumps up when I let the clutch in. This happens only when I downshift quickly and let the clutch in quickly. I already replaced all bushings for the gear lever console, the plastic ring at the gear lever and also the rubber boot and changed the gearbox oil. It is better now but still the 2nd gear sometimes jumps out and the gear lever is also shaking quite heavily between 3.000 and 5.000 rpm when accelerating in 2nd gear. Engine mounts and gearbox rubber mounts have also been replaced. It feels as if something is pushing back the gear lever a little in 2nd. All other gears are fine, gearbox shifts smoothly and makes no excessive noises. What could be the issue? Is there something I can adjust?



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    Probably best you not drive it and spend time removing the gearbox and send for overhaul, I imagine your M would have the dogleg gearbox which are expensive and major parts like gears and synchro hubs are not available to purchase new.

    Fingers crossed for easy fix and most of the problem is due worn bearings allowing end float in the shafts.


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      Yes, it´s the dogleg gearbox. I re-checked yesterday if the rubber boot was installed correctly. It wasn´t and that caused that I was not able to push the gear lever far enough for fully engaging 2nd. I fixed it and gone is the "spongy" feel when shifting in 2nd and the gear does not pop out anymore when letting the clutch in quickly. Also the shaking is now reduced to the normal S14-buzz. Really relieved that it wasn´t a major problem.