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  • Originally posted by Mick View Post
    I wouldn't do it at a dyno as you never know what will happen at first start and you don't want to be under time pressure to fix things if something isn't right.

    At first fire up run it at 2500 rpm for 10-15 minutes to seat the cams to the shims and you should be good to go after that. It sounds like you know this already, but avoid excessive idling after that - the rings should be seated under load.
    Got it! Will recruit the wife for throttle duty. I was hoping I could do first fire-up in the garage and not oiling a dyno due to something being loose or missed.

    Was told the first 20min of running was my window to seat rings before the cross-hatching was worn down.


    • That was how Mario at VSR wanted me to break it in. The 10 min run-in applies to new cams only, in case that wasn't clear. It sounded like yours are new.


      • Need to add a little rant here about the quality of new OEM parts.

        - When I installed my motor I used new BMW OEM motor mounts, the pair I received both had silver (non zinc plated) bottoms and once installed they both leaked hydraulic fluid.
        - I returned them and bought another set from a different vendor in hopes that I would get a set from a different lot. This time I received one silver bottom and one gold zinc plated bottom mount. When installed, the non-plated one leaked while the zinc plated one was fine.
        - I returned the leaking one and ordered another from a 3rd vendor. This time I got a zinc plated one so I was hopeful that it wouldn't leak - but I just installed and it leaks worse than the others. Hydraulic fluid pissed straight out of it.

        Example of the first leaking mount

        After receiving 4 leaking mounts I'm at a loss as to what to try next. During all of this I tried a set of Vibra-Technics "Fast Road" mounts but found them too harsh, so went back to OEM. I do have some older used mounts on-hand but they're compressed from age and when installed the motor sits about 5mm lower, which makes my airbox contact the brake master. I currently have an old one in there with a washer under the mount arm to get more clearance but I'd really like a new motor mount.

        It sucks that the quality of OEM parts has gotten so bad that I have to think twice about replacing parts for fear of getting something worse than the 30 year old part that is on the car now.
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        • i have recently replace the motor mounts on my E36 M3, E46 325 and E30 M3(750 mounts). used Corteco brand (OEM) from FCPEuro for all of them. zero issues.
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          • Mick, for the record, what brand were the ones that leaked?
            When I did the mounts in my street car I did OEM and they have been fine so far, I cannot remember the brand though.
            jimmy p.
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            • I don't know. The only ones available on fcpeuro and ecs were labeled Genuine BMW and when they arrived they were in BMW packaging. The last one I ordered was from a dealership. I'll take a closer look at it to see if it has a manufacturer stamp.


              • Mick, I bought a new pair for my car when I got it 2 years ago. I've used them off and on, but have settled on not using them as my header is so close to the chassis that any movement will allow contact between the header and the chassis. Get in contact, I'm not going to use these and I have interest in the VibraTechnics mounts. 970.222.9597
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                • Originally posted by jimmy p. View Post
                  Mick, for the record, what brand were the ones that leaked?
                  When I did the mounts in my street car I did OEM and they have been fine so far, I cannot remember the brand though.
                  Here are the mounts. The one that leaked is on the left, the one that didn't leak on the right. I don't see a manufacturer mark unless that stamp at the top means something.