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    Originally posted by Narayan3 View Post
    Here's a data point... R134a with a new stock condenser was very cold, mid 40s on a 95F-100F summer day here after my conversion. Parallel flow may be more efficient, but stock works just fine too. Either way my R134a conversion doesn't feel any less cold than the R12 before it. E30 M3 AC is not perfect when compared to modern cars. So, your R134a conversion won't change that by much.
    If your evap sensor probe is installed, 38-44 seems to be about the lowest it'll go. Pull that out, and you can blow way colder. Until the evap freezes over.
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      Would definitely replace it with new if you've got it apart. The stock A/C system on the E30 M3 isn't one of the parts of the car that's worth preserving in its original form.

      R12a is great for old, leaky systems where you need a cheap refrigerant that gets you by. (I really like it for use on the notoriously leaky A/C systems of old air-cooled 911s). It's convenient because you don't need to pull a vacuum to load it up, so you can just add more to the system whenever it starts to get low.

      But if you're refurbishing the system and refreshing all the seals, etc., probably worth it to get R134a, since you (hopefully) won't need to touch it for a long time.


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        Wow guys, thanks for all the input, I decided to go PF Nissens and a new electric fan, I am in the process of getting some quotes on some new hoses. I don't think I will get everything going right away, but accumulating all parts prior to moving forward.

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          My AC Clutch crapped out yesterday and compressor was leaky anyway so going to do a full AC replacement. This post was helpful for parts. I got:

          Nissens 89093 AC Compressor (OEM PN 64528390336) for euro S50b30
          Nissens 94172 PF Condenser
          Mahle Receiver Drier AD123000S (OEM 64538391025)

          I will try to replace the Aux Fan with a slim 16' Mishimoto Electric Fan. I've bought an additional wiring kit. Can these be wired up in a way that allows me to remove my clutch fan and engage it if AC is on using wiring from the Aux Fan too?



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            Curious as well on the preferred wiring method for a replacement Condenser fan? Just tap into the existing condenser fan wiring?


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              Yup. Just plug it in in place of stock fan.

              Some get tricky and wire it to be on high whenever the ac is on.
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